Random Retro – High Voltage Collection Demo Disk 402

This is the directory listing for this disk

The High Voltage Collections disks are a set of disks for the C64 that contain demoscene and music files. The following are the files contained in this disk pack.

Soundpack / HXS

song select screen

The Commodore was home for some great chip music, the ones on this disk were mostly good. The following were the artists and the songs on this disk. I also created a playlist if you would like to listen to the enitre set.


Also on this disk were two demos sets. The first demo set was called Neurasthenia, which had four parts to it. The second set was called Solutio, which contained three parts. Demos are when programmers show off there skills by producing visual and audio effects that typaclly puch the boundries of what a system can do. I remember love watching these demos. The following is a video I captured of the demos on this disk, keep in mind I cut each part to about 2.5 minutes.