Random Retro – Rik’s Collection – Games Disk 49

Disk Directory

Today on Random Retro I take a look at another C64 collections disk called Rik’s Collection – Games Disk 049. Doing a directory lookup you can see there are several files on this disk.

0 "games xlix      " g49 2
4    "m"                prg
2    "the goonies"      prg
8    "fast"             prg
49   "msg"              prg
194  "file"             prg
15   "file0"            prg
13   "file1"            prg
16   "file2"            prg
14   "file3"            prg
10   "file4"            prg
9    "file5"            prg
11   "file6"            prg
15   "file8"            prg
21   "file9"            prg
198  "who dares wins 2" prg
59   "krypton"          prg
26 blocks free.
Main Menu
first level of “The Goonies”

So I start with the “M” which is just a main menu that has three games on it it. The Goonies, Who Dares Wins II, and Krypton.  The fist game I tried was the Goonies. The Goonies is based on the Steven Spielberg film of the same name, in which a motley crew of suburban kids in Astoria, Oregon, must save their homes from being foreclosed upon and find their salvation in a treasure map leading to an old pirate ship in a cavern. However, they must maneuver around an eccentric family of Italian criminals — the Fratellis — on the lam, who are also on the trail of the treasure. After attempting and failing the first level I decided the game is not for me. The game is a lot like Lost Vikings, where you control more than one character to solve your way out of the level. You’re better off playing Lost Vikings in my opinion.

The second game I tried to play was Who Dares to Win 2, but the game would crash on the cracktro screen.

screenshot of “Krypton”

The third game was Krypton. Krypton is a side view horizontal scrolling shooter where you control a Superhero as the screen scrolls from left to right constantly, as you try to save the Earth from attack by Super beings over various levels. You crashed a space shuttle on Earth after a trip from your home planet, but instead of feeling sorry for yourself, you like living here and so you have vowed to protect your adopted planet from any threat armed with lasers shot from your eyes. Clearly this Superhero is Superman, but obviously they did not have the rights to use it. It could have been an interesting game, but it seems like the only controls were using the “F” keys, which made it very hard to play. Again did not hold my interest for longer the five minutes.

All the other files on this disk were nothing, probably some files needed for the games.