Atari ST’s Battle Chess vs Gameboy’s Chessmaster

Battle chess for the Atari ST was created in 1989 by Interplay Productions.

Today I ran a chess game between the Gameboy playing Chessmaster and the Atari ST playing Battle Chess. According to the rules that I have made for myself the Gameboy and the Atari played at level 1. The current ELO rating for the Gameboy is 1482, and 1527 for Atari. The winner is the Gameboy, the game record is below the the specs.

The Chessmaster for the Gameboy was released in 1991 by Software Toolworks.

Here are the specs of the systems:

520ST / 1040ST Name Gameboy
Atari Manufacture Nintendo
Home Computer Type Handheld Console
USA Origin Japan
1986 Year 1990
End of Production 2003
TOS + GEM Built in Language / OS
Full stroke keyboard with numeric keypad, editing keypad and 10 function keys Keyboard / Input Eight-way control pad Four action buttons (A, B, Start, Select) Volume potentiometer Contrast potentiometer Power switch Serial I/O (“Link cable”): 512 kbit/s with up to 4 connections in serial Cartridge I/O
Motorola MC 68000 CPU Custom Sharp LR35902
8MHz Speed 4.19 MHz
512 kb – 4MB RAM 8-32kb + 8kvram
32 KB with TOS on disk / 192 KB with TOS on ROM ROM
40 or 80 chars. x 25 lines (bitmapped graphics) Text Modes
16 colors among 512 (320 x 200) / 4 colors among 512 (640 x 200) / monochrome (640 x 400) this last mode needs a special monitor. Graphics mode 160 X 144
Max 512 Colors 2-bit 4 shades of grey
3 voices + 1 noise channel, 8 octaves (Yamaha YM-2149) Sound 2 pulse wave generators, 1 PCM 4-bit wave sample (64 4-bit samples played in 1×64 bank or 2×32 bank) channel, 1 noise generator, and one audio input from the cartridge.[30] The unit has only one speaker, however the headphone port outputs stereo sound. 2
Cartridge, Midi (in, out), Centronics, RS232c, Hard Disk, Floppy disk, RGB, Joystick, mouse I / O Ports
3.5” disk-drive Built in Media


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