C64 Battle Chess vs Gameboy The New Chessmaster

Today I ran three games between the Commodore 64 playing Battle Chess against a the Nintendo Gameboy play The Chessmaster. According to the rules that I have made for myself the Battle Chess ran in level 1 as it has lost one game, with a current ELO 1498. Chessmaster will was set for novice level, as it is the first time playing. It will have an inital ELO rating of 1500

Battle Chess was developed in 1989 by Interplay Productions. The Chessmaster was developed in 1991 by Software Toolworks. The C64 won the first two games, and there was a draw on the third game. This puts Battle Chess with an ELO rating of 1516, and The Chessmaster at 1482. Here are the games they played.

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