C64 vs Atari ST in Battle Chess

Today I ran a chess game between the Commodore 64 and the Atari ST, both playing Battle Chess. According to the rules that I have made for myself the C64 played at level 1, as in has lost one game. The Atari played at a novice level, as it was it’s first game. The current ELO rating for the C64 is 1516, and for Atari’s first game, I entered it at 1500. The winner is the C64, the game record is below the the specs, followed by a Video of the game play.

Here are the specs of the systems:

C64 Name 520ST / 1040ST
Commodore Manufacture Atari
Home Computer Type Home Computer
USA Origin USA
1982 Year 1986
1993 End of Production
Basic Built in Language / OS TOS + GEM
Full-stroke 66 keys with 4 fuction keys Keyboard Full stroke keyboard with numeric keypad, editing keypad and 10 function keys
6510 CPU Motorola MC 68000
.985 MHz (PAL / 1.023 MHz (NTSC) Speed 8MHz
VIC II (video), SID (sound) Co-Processor
64 kb RAM 512 kb – 4MB
20 kb ROM 32 KB with TOS on disk / 192 KB with TOS on ROM
40 col X 25 lines Text Modes 40 or 80 chars. x 25 lines (bitmapped graphics)
several, most used 320 X 200 Graphics mode 16 colors among 512 (320 x 200) / 4 colors among 512 (640 x 200) / monochrome (640 x 400) this last mode needs a special monitor.
16 + 16 border Colors Max 512
3 voices / 9 octives, 4 waveforms (sound output through TV) Sound 3 voices + 1 noise channel, 8 octaves (Yamaha YM-2149)
video output (composite, chroma/luma and sound in/out), 2 x Joystick plugs, Cardridge slot, Tape interfarce (300 bps), Serial, User Port, TV RF output I / O Ports Cartridge, Midi (in, out), Centronics, RS232c, Hard Disk, Floppy disk, RGB, Joystick, mouse
Cassette unit. Provision for 170 KB 5.25” floppy disc unit (1541) Media 3.5” disk-drive
$595 US Price

Battle Chess was developed in 1989 by Interplay Productions. Here is the game that was played.